"Quod enim est homo absque doctrina quantumvis dives quantumvis potens."

IN BOOTLING (TM) LAND, our social level is Village, our economic system is Feudal, and data-mining under the aspect of uncertainty is our principal activity. You are standing in the entry to the tiny electronic Cottage of Clerk Beran. Come in!

On the wall by the hearth are several predictions taught in school to Bootling (TM) children. Various news, weather and ocean reports cover the floor near the fireplace. Scattered across the dining table, next to the cabbage pizza, are several scholarly papers, a few referees' reports, and works on inference that occupy the Clerk's attention. The bookcases to the left of the hearth hold library books and journals. Some general references, various writing aids, personal accounts, and assorted archives fill the lowest shelf. On the cracked Cottage walls hang reproductions of paintings and manuscripts that Clerk Beran has gathered in travels through Bootling (TM) Land.

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