STA 290 Seminars

Statistics Seminar Series

SPRING 2018:

Winter Seminar Instructor: Prof. Can Le

Location: MSB 1147, Colloquium Room. Held on Thursdays at 4:10pm (unless otherwise stated). The first seminar of Spring 2018 will be held on April 5th.

Students who wish to register for STA 290 credit (1 unit; 2 units with instructor's permission) may use CRN 80212. For the requirement for the obtaining 2 credits for STA 290 please contact Prof. Le.

Date Speaker Institution Title / Abstract
Thursday April 5th
Nathaniel Stevens
UC San Francisco "Detecting Change in Dynamic Networks" - ABSTRACT
Tuesday April 10th Johannes Heiny University of Aarhus, Denmark

“The spectrum of high-dimensional sample correlation matrices” - ABSTRACT

Thursday April 12th
Jingwen Zhang
Communications, UC Davis “An online experimental approach to study networked social influence in offline health behaviors” - ABSTRACT
Thursday April 19th
Valentin Patilea
ENSAI, France “Conditional moment restriction models with incomplete data” - ABSTRACT
Thursday April 26th
Yun Song
UC Berkeley


"Ribosomes, traffc jams, and phase transitions" - ABSTRACT

Thursday May 3rd
Thomas Nichols
Oxford Big Data Inst (UK)

Pre-Conference Keynote Lecture: "A Journey Into Neuroimaging Statistics" - ABSTRACT

Tuesday, May 8th (4:10pm, MSB 1147) Rachel Ward University of Texas, Austin


"Learning the LEarning Rate in Gradient Descent" - ABSTRACT (Links to Math Dept page)

Wednesday May 9th (2:10pm, MSB 1147) David Schwab Dept Biology and Physics, City University of New York “Perspectives from physics on learning and inference” - ABSTRACT
Thursday May 10th
Dmitri Krioukov
Northeastern University "Exchangeability and projectivity in sparse random graphs" - ABSTRACT
Monday May 14th (4:10pm, MSB 1143)
Sanjay Chaudhuri National University of Singapore "Covariance based Moment Equations for Improved Variance Component Estimation" - ABSTRACT
Thursday May 17th Michal Kosinski
Stanford University "Big Data Assessment: measuring psychological traits using digital footprints" - ABSTRACT
Thursday May 24th
Raissa D'Souza
Computer Science, UC Davis “Explosive Percolation on Complex Networks” - ABSTRACT

Thursday May 31st - CANCELLED

Jure Leskovec
Stanford University Seminar cancelled

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