Ph.D. Students

Andrew Blandino (current)

Shuhao Jiao (current)

Ozan Sönmez (current)

Jamshid Namdari (current, with Debashis Paul)

Haoran Li (current, with Debashis Paul)

Yichuan Wang (current, with Wolfgang Polonik)

Rex Cheung (current, with Thomas Lee)

Haoying Meng (2016, with Prabir Burman)
Spatio-temporal modeling and prediction of house prices

Haoyang Liu (2013, with Debashis Paul)
Spectral analysis of high-dimensional time series

Kimihiro Noguchi (2013, with Prabir Burman)
Exploratory analysis and modeling of financial time series

Christopher Dienes (2013)
On-line monitoring in linear time series models

Lu Wang (2012, with Prabir Burman)
Generalized exponential prediction for time series analysis

Ming Zhong (2012, with Thomas Lee)
Break point estimation and variable selection in quantile regressions

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