Undergraduate Advisers

Alexander Aue: Faculty Adviser 
approval of electives and major modifications; transfer work evaluations; academic advising; independent/research study; post-graduation opportunities

Kimberly McMullen: Staff Adviser  
general academic advising; university, college and department requirements; forms and petitions; referral to campus resources; student outreach and recruitment; event planning and coordination

Brian Goebel: Peer Adviser
offers a peer perspective on course selection, schedules and professors; peer advice on resources on campus, student recruitment and outreach; encouragement and advice in times of personal crisis

Office Hours and Contact Information





Office Hours

Professor Alex Aue



E-mail for appointment.

Kimberly McMullen



Schedule appointment at


Drop-In Hours:
Friday: 8-12, 1:30-5

Brian Goebel


 In person advising only.

Drop-In Hours:
Monday: 9-10, 11-12
Tuesday: 10-12, 3-5
Wednesday: 9-10, 11-12
Thursday: 10-12
Friday: 11-12, 2-3, 4-5

General Advising Guidelines

All statistics majors are required to meet with the major adviser to establish a Study Plan to guide the selection of courses that meet the major requirements and to ensure timely progress toward degree attainment.

  • Students are required to consult with the major adviser to establish a study plan in the major.
  • Students are recommended to check in with the major adviser on a regular basis.
  • All electives to be used to satisfy the major requirements need prior approval from the major adviser.
  • Any modification to the standard major course requirements must be approved by the major adviser and documented in the student file.