Owen Warner-Associate at Berkeley Research Group, LLC

1. What are your job duties?

As an Associate at Berkeley Research Group, my regular responsibilities include collecting and cleaning data, building models and running regressions, creating and auditing exhibits for presentation at trial, and performing general research tasks. I usually use software such as SAS and Excel for data tasks, although sometimes I have also used R. 

2. How have your experiences as an undergraduate helped you in this position? 

The best preparation for my position were my opportunities to perform research as an undergraduate. I worked on a project as a senior with the RTG in the statistics department. I also had research internships with the UC Davis Center for Regional Change and the UC Davis Plug in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Center. Each of these positions provided the opportunity to work on real world data and gave me a unique experience to talk about in interviews. The internship and career center and statistics department advising services were extremely helpful for notifying me of the various internship and research opportunities. Some of the statistics classes which helped prepare me for the Associate position were STA 141 (Statistical Computing) and STA 201 (SAS Programming); both of these gave me the programming experience necessary to be successful in data science. A non-statistics class which I found useful was ECN 121 (Industrial Organization), because it covered a lot of the economic theory behind some of the fields I work in daily. 

3. What advice would you give students who are currently looking for positions in statistics related fields?

In my experience, the most important qualities companies are looking for, regardless of field, are an ability to communicate, a willingness to learn, and passion for the subject. In this sense, research positions and internships as an undergraduate really help prepare students for future jobs. They provide an environment to learn new skills and communicate with a team to accomplish a goal which are highly desirable skills. Perhaps most importantly, research opportunities equip undergraduates with a unique experience which will help them stand out on resumes and in interviews. Finally, I would encourage all students to take advantage of the wonderful career and academic support services available at UC Davis. The internship and career center offers workshops to help improve interview skills, drop in resume consultation, and career fairs to meet with potential employers. In addition to their extensive academic support services, the department of statistics advisors are also an excellent resource for research and career opportunities.

4. Does your company have an internship program and/or do they regularly hire for career positions? If so where can students find more information about these opportunities?

Berkeley Research Group regularly recruits undergraduates from UC Davis for both the Associate and Summer Associate positions. Opportunities are posted on both Aggie Job Link and http://www.thinkbrg.com/careers-campus.html. Representatives from Berkeley Research Group also attend the Fall, Winter, and Spring Internship and Career Fairs and are available to meet with students and answer questions.